Transformer: Coaching, Advising & Mentoring

instagraphic globe for career coachingMichael is a transformer, positively impacting organizations and peoples’ lives to help them attain their full potential. He does this as a passionately engaged personal and career coach, a sensitive and alert advisor to executives and a mentor interested in long-term, value-creating relationships with his clients.

Personal Branding, Resumes, Blurbs, Bios

Firmly believing that the best brands are not only content or product based, but intimately linked to the people behind the product, Michael utilizes his award-winning writing skills to create unforgettable personal branding statements, blurbs and bios. An experienced career coach, Michael assists his clients in producing powerful resumes/CVs and cover letters to either find their dream job or effectively position themselves in their companies.

  • What are your talents, skills and special know-how?
  • What can you do for me?: Why should someone have a coffee with you?
  • Focusing your message to get results
  • Now what? Identifying your personal targets

The Art & Business of Writing

Releasing your creativity

  • Targeted writing: blogs, magazines, journalism, novels, fiction or non-fiction
  • The joys of re-writing
  • The mechanics: enhancing color and impact, creating excellent leads and hooks
  • Developing your ideas
  • Selling your story: finding an agent, creating an effective query letter
  • Techniques and strategies to ensure project completion

Participants bring their own work to discuss and share with others and with Michael. They create their own take-home by leaving with a tighter, more polished piece of their own writing.