What Business Leaders Say About Michael Browne

Stories of Success

silhouette of person leaping from ledge to ledge to denote successMichael has successfully carried out a series of highly interesting and extremely valuable global skill enhancement seminars for me and my management team and staff. With great warmth, experience, engagement and broad know-how, Michael’s seminars have widely opened our horizons to better understand and to work more effectively with our international clients and partners, wherever they are located in the world: Asia, the Middle East, the Americas, Europe, etc.

I and my team always enjoy working with Michael as he consistently provides excellence in coaching and training. Tangible results include greater team cooperation, enhanced customer satisfaction and more efficient workflow.

Without any hesitations, I can assure you of my highest recommendation for Michael as a coach and seminar leader of the best caliber.

Dieter Wiesner – Festo AG & Co. KG, Germany

Michael is part of new bread of global manager who spreads an entrepreneurial spirit around the world. He has worked with me and my management team and staff has a coach, mentor and trainer. He is a product of the Californian multicultural landscape and he is able to connect with representatives from almost any culture (Arab, Russian, Persian, Armenian, Georgian, German, etc) and build bridges between different mentalities.

Michael is an active listener who takes the time to get a deep understanding of the issues of his clients, paying extraordinary attention to the details. He carefully constructs the solution and the path for success for his clients. He is an extraordinary coach who helps you improve by giving you a feeling of self-fulfillment and self-achievement.

Michael’s track record in mid- and large global companies is really impressive. I have to admit that I have rarely heard so much praise for an intercultural coach. His intercultural seminars enable people to perform more efficiently in the global market and to avoid almost all the cultural pitfalls.

Michael He connects equally well to Main Street and Wall Street Michael has an outstanding charisma and his rhetorical skills sense of humor

Andreas Fornwald – Global Energy Expert

With great pleasure I write this for Michael Browne, who works closely together with me as a coach, mentor and trainer for my staff.

Our work together includes executive management coaching including leadership, strategy and tactics development, career mentoring and team building. We also discuss intercultural business communication aspects as well as presentation skill building and self-branding.

Michael’s coaching has produced great success for me and my staff. We profit greatly from his warm and engaging style, his insights into current global business and his wise guidance in dealing with internal organizations and customer relationships.

Dr. Jürgen Reifenröther, Senior Vice President